We believe that the church of Jesus includes born-again people from all Bible-based congregations and churches.

Our Self-Conception

as Association of Pentecostal Churches in Germany (BFP)

The self-conception of the BFP includes three main features: We are pentecostal movement, we are a association of local churches, and we are a goverment independent - an "evangelical free church"*.

The founding fathers understood the association as a spiritual home for all branches of the pentecostal movement in Germany. It should be a place where fellowship, mutual help in ministry and a realization of the different callings are lived. The BFP consists of congregations and ministries, working groups, institutions and initiatives connected with the congregations. Their goal is to serve God - for salvation and the good of our society. As an "evangelical free church", we advocate the separation of church and state. We also stand up for freedom of faith, conscience and assembly.

The BFP is not a "solely salvific church". Rather, we believe that the church of Jesus includes born-again people from all Bible-based congregations and churches. This basic attitude also shapes our understanding in ecumenical cooperation.
We stand in community of faith and service with other groups of the Pentecostal and Charismatic movements, other churches and many local congregations within the Evangelical Alliance. Locally and regionally, our congregations maintain contact with the Association of Christian Churches (ACK). As association, we are a member of the Association of Evangelical Free Churches (VEF) and a guest member of the ACK.

The principle of the BFP is the independence of the local congregation on the one hand and the binding union as a association and church on the other. Public appearances and actions are carried out by congregations, ministries and employees. The leadership is carried out by the BFP leadership - board and presidium. The belonging, the fellowship and the services are described in the constitution and the guidelines of the BFP.

*In Germany, for historical reasons, there are "state churches", which include the Roman Catholic Church and the Protestant Church. These are linked to the state in a special way. In contrast, "free churches" (all other denominations) are independent of the state.